Why You Should Choose Glass vs Plastic Bottles
Why You Should Choose Glass vs Plastic Bottles
Why You Should Choose Glass vs Plastic Bottles

As many of you have noticed our new Youth Elixir Bottle has launched and we celebrated the launch with a fun giveaway. There was a lot of work that went into the design of our bottle, we not only wanted it to look beautiful but also wanted to make sure that it is safe and environmentally friendly. So, we chose to make them out of glass. Here are some reasons why you should choose a glass bottle over plastic any day.


Glass bottles are 100% recyclable which makes them more environmentally friendly than plastic bottles. Unfortunately, a lot of plastic bottles end up in landfills since they do not hold any recyclable components. Glass bottles on the other hand can be recycled endlessly.

Free from Contaminants

You probably have experienced this before, you got a brand-new plastic water bottle, fill it up with ice cold water and some ice. After a heavy workout you take a swig from the bottle only to taste something that doesn’t taste like water. This is probably from contaminants. Plastic bottles often have contaminants that can leak into your water. It's not always toxic but sometimes toxic contaminants can get into your water from plastic, such as BPA. Glass bottles on the other hand do not have this issue.

Easy to Clean

Unlike plastic bottles glass bottles are easy to clean and can be washed in the dishwasher at a high temperature, without you worrying that they could potentially melt or lose their shape. Also, because they’re easy to clean you can infuse them with fruit and herbs and not worry that they will lose their clarity over time.

Hold a Steady Temperature

Glass bottles are much better at holding a steady temperature than plastic ones. Whether they hold hot or cold liquids they can keep the temperature steady without absorbing any foreign flavors, colors or contaminants.