The Best Gratitude Journal Prompts

At Snatchletics we’re big advocates for self-development and not just for fitness and healthy eating. We believe in a wholistic approach to becoming a better and healthier person, this includes working on our mental and emotional wellbeing. Since Thanksgiving is around the corner, we thought it would be fun to break out our journals and write all of the things we’re grateful for. It’s been proven that working on a daily gratitude practice can help reset your mood and give you a more positive mindset. If journaling without prompts is difficult for you, don’t worry we’ve created a fun list of gratitude prompts to get you started.

Gratitude Journal Prompts: 

  1. What is a simple pleasure that you’re grateful for?
  2. Who is the person you’re most grateful for?
  3. What’s a possession that makes your life easier?
  4. What do you like about your job?
  5. What material possession are you most grateful for?
  6. What part of you do you love the most?
  7. What skills are you most grateful for?
  8. What 3 things are you grateful for right now?
  9. What experience or memory are you most grateful for?
  10. What is something you appreciate the most from your significant other or best friend?
  11. What family tradition are you the most grateful for?
  12. What life lesson are you most grateful for?
  13. What artist or musician has inspired you the most?
  14. What gift are you the most grateful for?
  15. What do you like most about your coworkers? 
  16. What is your favorite part of your home?

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