How to Incorporate a Gratitude Practice into Your Workouts

In our previous blog post we discussed using gratitude in journaling, but today we want to talk about adding it into your workouts. Having a regular gratitude practice is important for good mental health and wellbeing. So, naturally it is beneficial for your workouts too and here’s why.

What is a Gratitude Practice?

Before we discuss how to incorporate a gratitude practice in your daily workouts, let’s explain what gratitude even is. The definition of gratitude means to be thankful. So, when you start your gratitude practice you are working on ways to become more thankful. You can do this by journaling or you can do it while meditating. If you’re adding it into your workouts, you can say gratitude affirmations before or after you exercise. Either way is fine.

Reasons for Adding a Gratitude Practice 

Like we mentioned before, having a regular gratitude practice can have amazing benefits. From making you happier, to relieving stress and anxiety, it can completely reset your mindset. This is why it is beneficial to add it to your workouts. Adding a regular gratitude practice to your workouts will help you get motivated to exercise on days that you just want to relax. Also, on days where your workout isn’t as stellar it can help you stay focused on being grateful at what your body can do instead of worrying about whether your workout was good or not. Other benefits include: 

  • Making you more resilient.
  • Keeping you in the moment of your exercise.
  • Making you aware of how amazing your body is. 
  • Feeling appreciative of your body and health. 
  • Increasing your self-love. 





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