How to Do a Running Meditation
How to Do a Running Meditation
How to Do a Running Meditation

When you first hear of running and meditation you might not think these two things can go together, especially if you’re new to running and trying to stay calm and at peace while you’re trying not to die from your jog doesn’t seem like a possibility. But it definitely is. Running and meditation are particularly helpful for newbie runners, because it can take your mind off of what you’re doing, and here’s how.

 How to Do It

We often think of meditation as sitting in a cross-legged position with our eyes closed trying to completely clear our mind from our thoughts. While this is one type of meditation there are many different ways you can meditate and running meditation is one of them. When you do a running meditation, you are not trying to keep your mind completely free of thoughts, but you’re actually focusing on how your body is moving during your run.

  1. First you focus on your breath
  2. Then you focus on your legs and feet and how they are moving.
  3. Next you focus on your arms and how they are moving.
  4. From there you shift your focus on your surroundings. Really soaking in every little detail around you.

 While you’re doing this you can tell yourself a mantra, or a repeated saying. You can say this quietly in your mind. I like saying “I am strong” or “I can achieve anything”. Repeat this over and over again.

At the End of Your Run

Once you’ve completed your run, do some small stretches and while doing so say thank you to your body for being able to have taken you on this run. You can say this quietly in your mind: "I am grateful for my body. Thank you for being healthy and strong. Thank you for being able to take me on this run so that I can get stronger and healthier."