How Drinking Water Can Help You Lose Weight
How Drinking Water Can Help You Lose Weight
How Drinking Water Can Help You Lose Weight

If you’re trying to lose weight. The easiest thing you can do to start your weight loss journey is drink more water. Yes, you heard us right, drinking water can promote healthy weight loss. You probably wonder how, and we’ll explain this in today’s blog.

How Does Water Help You Lose Weight?

One of the many ways that water aids in weight loss is that water can help you burn more calories. This is called energy expenditure. When you drink water this energy expenditure increases by 24-30%. It’s also known that when you drink cold water your body now has to use up more energy to warm your body, which also burns more calories.

Other Ways that Drinking Water Can Help Weight Loss

It goes without saying that when you drink more water it also fills you up more and with a full belly, you’re going to eat less. This is why we recommend that you drink water before each meal. Another benefit of drinking water is that it’s calorie free, which means you can drink as much of it as you like without worrying about gaining weight. This is why we suggest that you replace your other sugary beverages with water. 

How Should You Start Switching to Water

It’s not easy making the switch to water. We get it, it’s a lot more fun to drink juice or sodas. So, we suggest that you start out small, switch out one sugary beverage with a glass of water a day, then a couple of days later move to two, then three and so on. Do this until you’ve made a complete switch. We also recommend that you get a water bottle that you take with you, so it’s easily on hand when you’re thirsty. Our Youth Elixir Bottle is perfect for this because it helps you keep track of how much water you’re drinking throughout the day. You can also make your water more flavorful by infusing it with fruit and vegetables or turning it into an electrolyte beverage.