Healthy and Fun Ways to Add Bell Peppers to Any Meal
Healthy and Fun Ways to Add Bell Peppers to Any Meal
Healthy and Fun Ways to Add Bell Peppers to Any Meal

Bell peppers are the least controversial healthy food, there are few people who do not like them and they are perfect to add to any dish. Not only do they pair well with different foods, but they are super healthy offering a wide variety of vitamins from Vitamin C, B6, K1, E, A, Potassium, and folate. They also are known to offer a vast amount of health benefits such as eye health and anemia prevention. We absolutely love them and want to share some easy and delicious ways that you too can enjoy this delicious fruit.

Add it to a Dip  


One fun and easy way to eat bell peppers is to cut them up and add them to a dip. Our favorite dips to eat them with is guacamole or hummus. You’ll get the added benefits of avocado or chickpeas when eating them with said dips. It’s also an easy on the go snack and makes for the perfect substitute for chips and guac. Try it and we’ll guarantee you won’t ever look back.

Stuffed Peppers

In the past we would eat our stuffed peppers with rice, but with so many rice alternatives you can now try eating them with cauliflower rice, quinoa, or brown rice. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Add Them to Eggs

Looking for a quick way to spice up your morning eggs. Dice up some bell peppers and onions and them to your scrambled eggs. You can also add dice bell peppers to your omelets.

Add them to Salads 

Toss the croutons and add some diced bell peppers to your salad for that extra crunch. Red bell peppers will add a hint of sweetness, while green will be a bit bitter. Pick one that is perfect for your taste.

Grill Them

If you’re trying to find a meat substitute to grill this summer, bell peppers may just do the trick for you. Lightly salt them and add some olive oil, then place them on the grill. Add them as a side to any summer dish.