5 Plants that Help Reduce Stress
5 Plants that Help Reduce Stress
5 Plants that Help Reduce Stress

From our busy work life to crazy world events, the world we live in is getting increasingly more stressful. Because of this we’re seeing return of ancient holistic ways to keep ourselves healthy, mindful and at peace from meditation, to yoga classes, to healing crystals. This revival has brought the ancient practice of using herbs and plants to help reduce stress. We’re sharing 5 amazing plants that can help with reducing stress.


We wouldn’t be able to complete this list without sharing the amazing stress reducing effects of lavender. Lavender plants have a calming scent that can help ease stress, depression, and foster relaxation. You can diffuse lavender essential oils in a diffuser or purchase lavender plants from a local farmers market or nursery.


A lot of us suffer from stiff joints and necks due to stress. Working in front of computer or standing on our feet all day from work can also cause tension and discomfort. If you hold a lot of pent up stress and anxiety in your joints and muscles peppermint baths may do the trick for you. Run a bath of warm water, chop up some peppermint leaves and have a nice relaxing soak. Menthol found in peppermint is also known to help with alertness so next time you feel tired from stress and anxiety, drink a warm cup of peppermint tea to help awaken your mind. You can also chop up some mint leaves and infuse your water. We love adding it to our Youth Elixir Bottle for a nice pick me up on the go.


If you’re looking for a natural sleep aid chamomile might just be the right plant for you. You can plant chamomile in your garden or if you don’t have the space buy chamomile tea at your local grocery store. If you want to use it as a sleep and anxiety aid you can drink a cup of chamomile tea right before you go to sleep and you’ll be sure to get a good night of rest.


We absolutely love the scent of Jasmine. Keeping these beautiful flowers by your bed at night can help alleviate anxiety. You can also use Jasmine essential oils or drink it as a tea for the same stress relieving benefits.