5 No Equipment Home Workouts
5 No Equipment Home Workouts
5 No Equipment Home Workouts



A couple of weeks ago we talked about some amazing exercise equipment that you can use for your home workouts. Today we want to share with you 5 powerful workouts that you can do from the comfort of your home. These muscle building exercises will have you toned, flexible, and strong in no time, and best of all you won’t need any extra equipment to get started.


Who needs weights when you have your own body-weight? Pushups are the perfect exercise to help build, improve, and tone your body. You’ll not only get to strengthen your triceps but will also be able to firm your core and chest.

 How to do a pushup:

  • Put your body in a plank position.
  • Keep your legs hip distance apart and arms shoulder distance apart.
  • When you push your body down remember to keep form by maintaining a flat back. To do this engage your core.
  • Tip: If it’s too difficult for you to maintain your form, you can drop your knees to the ground.
  • Do as many pushups as you like. Over time you’ll notice how you’re able to do more and more.

Jumping Jacks

You can seriously do this one anywhere and anytime. Jumping Jacks are a great cardio exercise and will work out your whole entire body. You can do this as one of your main workouts, or you can do it as a warmup exercise. Either way, you’ll be sure to get your heart pumping.

How to do jumping jacks:

  • Start out by standing with your legs together and your arms by your side.
  • Then bend your knees and jump. It doesn’t have to be a big jump.
  • While jumping spread your legs and raise your arms above your head.
  • You can repeat this move as many times as you like.


Tone your legs with this easy no equipment exercise. Squats are a super effective workout that can be done anywhere. From building mobility, balance, improvement of joints, and strengthening your muscles, there are so many different amazing things that squats can do for your body.

How to do a squat:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder distance apart.
  • Place your hands on your hips or thighs.
  • Bend your knees and sit back.
  • Make sure to place your weight on the back of your heels.
  • Hold this position for 5 seconds, then stand back up.


Lunges are an amazing lower body workout that will tone and strengthen your calves, hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps. Like jumping jacks, lunges are a great stand-alone exercise or it can be used for warm up.

How to do a lunge:

  • Stand tall and step one foot until your leg reaches a 90-degree angle.
  • Make sure that your knees are parallel to the ground.
  • Then step back the front leg to your starting position.
  • Do this 10-times for each leg.

 Forearm Plank

Forearm Planks are another awesome bodyweight exercise we love doing. This full body workout is great for strengthening your core and back muscles, which can help prevent injuries. Many runners love doing this exercise before each run.

 How to do a plank:

  • Lay face down on the floor then push  your forearms into the ground.
  • Have your elbows aligned below your shoulders.
  • Push your toes into the floor and squeeze your glutes together and core.
  • Make sure to not hold any tension in your neck and spine by keeping it in neutral position.
  • Do this for 20 seconds and repeat if you like.