5 Must Have Home Workout Equipment
5 Must Have Home Workout Equipment
5 Must Have Home Workout Equipment

While some places are starting to open gyms, many of you might not be able to go back for several reasons. This doesn’t mean that your workouts have to stop. With some ingenuity, and a little bit of planning you can still stay fit by turning your home into your own personal gym. We’ve created a list of some of our favorite must have workout equipment to make your home workouts more effective. Check them out.

 Yoga Mats 

 Who said that yoga mats are only for yoga? They are perfect for all types of exercises since they provide a little bit of cushion for your joints. Roll out your mat to do some pre-exercise stretching instead of doing it on the hard floor. And of course, you can use your mat for yoga. Do some gentle yoga stretches on your off days to keep your body flexible.

 Jump Rope 

 If you’re looking for a quick way to get your heart rate up, jumping rope is the way to go. It’s a perfect cardio workout if you can’t go out for a run or hit the treadmill at the gym. You can choose to jump slow or fast.

 Resistance Bands 

 We love using resistance bands to get our muscles working. Circular resistance bands are perfect for leg workouts, and bands with handles are great for your arms. There are a lot of different lengths of resistance bands to choose from, with shorter ones giving more resistance. We suggest using the long ones first if you’re just starting out on your exercise journey, and slowly moving to shorter ones as you build up your strength.



 We love using dumbbells at the gym, because there are so many different sizes to choose from. Of course, they’re also perfect for your home gym. Get a heavier set if you feel like you’ve outgrown them, or do more sets on a lighter pair to still get a good workout in. Always make sure to do the same amount of reps for each arm.

 Fun Tip: Waist Snatchers has a water bottle that also serves as a 5-pound dumbbell when it’s full. Grab one, or two, to get the best of two worlds.

 Apple Watch


If you’re used to monitoring your heart rate on your gym’s workout machines, an Apple Watch might just be a must have item for your home workouts. Whether you get the Series 5 or 3, both of them are the ultimate workout companion. Each one can detect irregular heart rhythm patterns, can alert you of high and low heart rat

rates, and have emergency SOS calling features.