4 Health Netflix TV Shows, Documentaries, and Movies to Watch this Fall
4 Health Netflix TV Shows, Documentaries, and Movies to Watch this Fall
4 Health Netflix TV Shows, Documentaries, and Movies to Watch this Fall

Now that it’s getting a little cooler and darker much earlier, we’re not spending as much time outdoors, so it’s time to find some fun activities to do at home. But every once in a while, we just want to crash on couch and binge watch some Netflix without feeling guilty. We’ve made a list of some of our favorite shows, documentaries, and movies that are all about health and wellness. Check them out if you want to stay on top of the latest health trends, you’ll be sure to learn something new. 


Heal is a documentary that explores how stress can have a major impact on our bodies, and that it is the cause for illness and other health problems. Doctors, psychologists, and various other health experts are interviewed in this documentary that explain how there’s a mind body connection to illness, and how our mind can help heal a lot of our physical ailments.


If you’ve ever wondered where your food is coming from then this documentary is for you. It explores the issue with American food production and sourcing, and how a lot of our food is contaminated with pesticides and other toxic chemicals. This documentary wants to empower their viewers to become more knowledgeable of the food that they’re eating so that they can make better consumption choices.


Short but sweet this 25-minute documentary follows several women in a remote village in India who have dealt with being stigmatized for having periods, but how they regained their power by creating their own sanitary napkins and supplies. This inspiring film highlights many issues surrounding menstruation, but how women can regain their power by working together and educating others.


This series takes a deep look into the health and wellness industry, that promises healing, but may have a darker side to it. Each episode focuses on a specific industry from essential oils, to tantric sex, to bulking up with breastmilk (yes people do this). We love that this documentary doesn’t shame the industries but gives a unbiased glimpse into the founders of the companies, people who truly have been healed, but also others who have been hurt.